About Paddock Parking 

Semi-Truck and Semi-Trailer Parking and Storage Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona

Who we are?

Whether you're passing through or operating locally, these parking and storage solutions will give you peace of mind knowing your truck and trailer are secure while you're off-duty or taking a break

What prioritized?

Our solutions cater to both short-term and long-term parking needs and even offer additional discounts for repair and maintenance services.  


Security is a top priority for our customers who park their semi-truck and semi-trailers with us. To ensure the safety and security of your vehicles and cargo, we offer 24/7 security surveillance, gated access, and well-lit areas to prevent theft or vandalism


Convenience is a top priority for our customers who park their semi-trucks and semi-trailers with us. Our parking facility is strategically located near major highways and transportation routes, providing easy access to your desired destinations


Affordability is important for our customers who park their truck and trailers with us. We offer competitive pricing, with transparent pricing policies that have no hidden fees or charges. We provide a range of parking optionsto suit your needs and budget

Why choose us?

Our affordable pricing policies have no hidden fees or charges, and we offer flexible parking options to suit your schedule and budget. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and stress-free parking experience. Trust us to provide you with the highest standards of service and security for your semi-truck and semi-trailer parking needs. 

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